Ever been tempted to sing, but don’t know how? Or, do you just love to sing!?

If so then Sing for Pleasure workshops and courses are for you!

Join a small group of voices and experience the joy of singing together in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Learn new repertoire – gospel, folk, pop, jazz and harmonies. Open to adults of all levels and ages. Learn breath technique, posture and how to optimise your sound.

Sessions run by Katriona Taylor, based in the Wimbledon area.

Take a look at the Next Workshops page to see what’s coming up and sign up by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ Paypal button on the Sign Up page.

Our workshops aim to build your confidence. There is no specific criteria needed to join in – you just have to be happy you can sing along with others.

As well as group workshops, Katriona is also available to teach private lessons or courses.

Testimonials :

R wrote:
This is a really enjoyable group – Katriona is an excellent teacher, very supportive and good at keeping the right level of energy and fun. The warm-ups are worth it in themselves, and we are all gaining in confidence all the time. Glad to know it’s carrying on after Christmas!

GB wrote:
Thank you for Saturday, it was very enjoyable.  I came away feeling that I’d covered some interesting ground and been exposed to solid concepts and a practical method. The result being that I’ve noticed a renewed dynamic in my voice and I would like very much to continue being taught by you.  You mentioned private lessons, would you let me know how much they might cost.  I would be interested in having them on a regular basis, naturally I’m happy to work around your commitments.